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About Us

We are the exclusive US importer of High Spark Ignitioncoil Japan, a premier manufacturer of aftermarket ignition coil upgrades.
Through extensive research, development, and competitor research, we have developed a product we believe to be a premium upgrade for various vehicle makes and models. Through horizontal integration of production, sales, marketing, and development, we can produce a premium product while maintaining a value-based pricing model.

To the maximum extent possible, we design our ignitioncoils to:

  • Prevent deterioration of combustion
  • Optimize fuel consumption
  • Reduce carbon adhesion
  • Improve Startability
  • Decrease engine vibration
  • Improve engine response and power caused by a weakening of spark power 
  • To be a replacement after a complete failure that makes it impossible to drive. 
This coil uses a German-made magnet wire, which has the world's top share and is also used for genuine coils of European car manufacturers, and a higher-grade wire that is not used for genuine products due to cost reasons. As the resin that protects the heart of the coil is made by Kyocera, the resin used exclusively for the ignition coil is used, so it has excellent electrical conductivity and durability.
The negative points that tend to occur in reinforced coils – especially the jerky feeling when starting and when the accelerator is on and off – have been improved, and the maximum voltage is over 15kv (genuine about 10kv) even when idling.

A one-year 30,000km warranty covers all products with peace of mind.